GivMohr History

Responding to a Challenge with an Innovative Solution

Victoria Givler, OT and Paul Mohr, PT worked together co–treating clients post stroke (CVA) in Inpatient Rehab.

In 1996, they both took the 3 week NDT (Neuro-Developmental Treatment) course.

During this course, instructors indicated that slings are bad, but these instructors clarified that slings are only bad because they “do bad things.” They presented an open challenge to the class: come up with a sling that “does good things.”

The “what to do with the flaccid upper extremity” conversation continued over the next few years. Vicky and Paul both felt that treatment of the flaccid upper extremity without appropriate support outside of therapy was an ineffective solution. Unable to find an appropriate device on the market, Vicky and Paul began to pursue their own solution.

After much experimentation, the GivMohr Sling was “born” 4 years later in 2000.

The GivMohr Sling has helped over 100,000 people around the world since its inception.